John O’Groats In My Sights!

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Only 5 miles to go to reach John O’Groats, the northern tip of Scotland and the end of my 1,084 mile journey. Yesterday I passed the ruins of Castle Sinclair Girnigoe on my virtual bicycle ride.

This last week has been difficult. Sometimes, when the end is in sight, the effort of the journey can weigh you down. You need to muster up the will to keep going. All that is going on the world now overwhelmed me the last two weeks.  I am in the healthcare field, so you can imagine.

But getting on my bicycle has been my sanctuary. Feeling the clean air against my skin was a purification at the end of the day. The rushing air blew away a majority of the stress. So I forced myself onto my bicycle before the sun sank, coaxing my tired limbs to pedal. I knew I would feel better afterwards even if in the moment I only wanted to curl up on the couch and nap.

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There were many days on my year-long odyssey when I felt the same way. I had no choice but to get on the bicycle and keep going. A few times, when one of us fell very ill, or locals warned us not to attempt the road ahead, we took a bus for a short distance. In the end, as we watched the scenery go by and became nauseous from the bus fumes, we usually regretted not biking.

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At least twice, we contemplated cutting the trip short and flying home. But we stuck with it and celebrated the accomplishment. The rewards were enormous.

Have there been times when you almost gave something up but persevered? How did you feel?

You can read about my life-changing around-the-world bicycle odyssey in my book.

Bicycle Odyssey An Around-the-World Journey of Inner and Outer Discovery

Available in print or ebook through , ,  or .

PS. I made it to the end just before posting!


4 thoughts on “John O’Groats In My Sights!

  1. Hi, Carla, Thanks for your visit and like. I hope to learn more about you and your trip though I’m a poor reader of others blogs.

    As for your book, that’s great you wrote and got it out there! I’ve written one and am working towards getting it ready and revised and eventually published. So I’m curious how yours came about. If you’d like to correspond, please do! My email is my blog name and gmail. Thanks!

    And yes, I want to give up much of the time. So far I haven’t yet.


    1. Thank your for reading my posts! The best way to find out more about my trip is to read my book. I have maps, distances and stories about the journey. It took quite a long time to write, edit, and publish. But it was worth the time spent. I had several “aha!” moments going throught the writing process. Many of those moments did not go into the final version of the book but led to a greater understanding of things. My editors were great task masters pushing me to include more that made it a better book. Good luck with your book! I look forward to hearing about it when it is out.


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