Festivals in India

Every November for the past thirty years I am brought back to the festivals I attended while bicycling through the state of Karnataka in India. I set out with my husband on a two month journey through southern India by bicycle. Our only agenda was to look for magical places away from the tourist trail. A chance encounter by the side of the road led us to divert our route to a small, tucked-away village during its most important festival of the year. A young priest befriended us and took us under his wing for a life-changing week.

This diversion from our route ended up being my most memorable experience from our two and a half month odyssey through southern India. That experience taught me the valuable rewards we can reap when we listen to our intuition and stay open to serendipity.

As I reflect back on that era I am reminded of the importance of trusting our intuition all the time in our daily lives. Of the importance of keeping our eyes open to serendipity. It is a constant dance. What wonderful things have happened to you when you did this? When you trusted your gut feeling in spite of the impracticality of it?

Ganesha Festival

was the first one we attended during that magical week in the hidden village we stumbled across.


2 thoughts on “Festivals in India

  1. Congratulations Carla. I am readind with great pleasure your book embellishes with beautiful photos from your website. You expresses your moods with a lot of frankness.If I read between lines I understand that your trip was super but stressful I admire your courage and audacity. Pierre from Auvergne


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